Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Adjustable Beds and the end of 'Dads' Recliner?

If you were an avid TV watcher in the mid 90's you may remember NBC's long running TV show Frasier.  In this show there was a character, Martin Crane, Frasier's dad.  He was a witty, retired character that enjoyed the simple things and among them was his old, worn but ever so important recliner.  There were many episodes that revolved around the importance of this chair and when they tried to replace it with a new, better looking chair it still just wasn't the same and Martin always got his chair back. 

Many of us probably share a similar story with Dad and 'his' chair, dare not try and sit in front of the TV with the remote in hand and cozying up in Dad's chair, this probably didn't last too long if Dad was home. 

But now a new player has emerged and is threating these iconic chairs and not just for Dad but for all of us that enjoy a good book, whether it's a hard copy for those that remember what a hard copy is, or reading a book on our tablets.  The player is the adjustable bed.  These have erupted into the sleeping world.  Every manufacturer of beds is ensuring that their mattresses are capable of performing on an adjustable base.  Long thought of a tool for the elderly or for a person that had sustained an injury the adjustable base is now a lifestyle choice.  

Adjustable bases offer a zero gravity setting that raises our legs and promotes circulation and relieves pressure.  So if you enjoy watching TV in your bedroom, reading a book or even have to stay up late to finish some last minute work assignment this offers a great solution for your comfort and ultimately is better for your health.

Fear not, for those that envision these adjustable bases as what they might see in the health care setting.  The manufacturers have recognized that the bedroom still demands a certain décor and many of them come with fabric options and can be set up with existing beds with their wall hugger technology.  Plus they have added all the fun stuff with USB ports for charging our devices, wireless remotes or Bluetooth so we can control them with our devices. Oh and my favourite the LED mood lighting, or night lite if it's for the kids room :)

Wondering, if the adjustable base will replace your favourite recliner?
Take a quiz from Leggett & Platt that answers the question 'Is this product right for you?'

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