Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Next Time I Purchase an Appliance: I Will Not Get a Smoothtop Range because....

I am going to start sharing comments we get from customers based on past experiences of appliance purchases.  I think it is great insight and it can be hard to know what you like and will not like if you haven't purchased an appliance in a long time. Hopefully other  experiences can help you towards a decision.

Recently a customer came in and was looking for an electric range, she had a bad experience with a glass top range, this is the smooth top surface that dominates the market when it comes to electric ranges.  She had an issue with spill overs while cooking and didn't like how difficult it was to clean?  (See How To Clean a Glass Top Video)

What options are available if you find yourself with the same opinion?
1) You can revert back to the coil elements, and although this can be more economical I don't think it really solves the ease of clean issue.  Pulling apart the drip bowls isn't all that much fun either.
2) You could see if adding a gas line is an option for you so you can move to a gas range.

3) Think about INDUCTION - with this technology just the pan/pot is heated and the area around it does not heat up like a traditional glass top electric range.  Therefore should a spill over occur while cooking it doesn't 'cake' onto the stove top.   There are many advantages to this technology however the price comparison vs standard glass top ranges would be something you would want to explore to see if the technology holds value for you.
Notice how the chocolate that isn't in the pan doesn't melt. Without the metal contact there isn't any heat generated on that area of the cooktop.


* There isn't a manufacturer that offers induction in a colour other than Stainless Steel, most companies have this option in a cooktop and below are the available models if you want a range with induction.

Free-Standing Ranges:
30" Width - Controls are on a back panel.

Frigidaire - CGIF3061NF - typical market price $1699

Samsung - NE597N0PBSR - typical market price $1599

Whirlpool - YWFI910H0AS - typical market price $1699

Electrolux - CEI30IF4LS - typical market price $1799

GE Profile - PHB920SFSS - typical market price $2199

Slide-In Ranges: 30" Width - Controls on the front, no back panel, typically chosen when you want to show off a backsplash or like the safety of not reaching over the burners to the controls.

Frigidaire - CGIS3065PF - due out in April 2015, anticipated market price @ $2299

Electrolux - EW30IS8CRS - market price @ $2899

Samsung CHEF - NE58H9970WS - market price $2799

Double-Oven Free-Standing Ranges:

Whirlpool - YWFI925C0BS - typical market price @ $1899

Samsung - NE599N1PBSR - with Flex Duo Oven, this allows you to create two oven spaces in the oven cavity or use as one big oven, a very cool feature- typical market price @ $1799

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