Thursday, 11 June 2015

Home Furnishing Trends from 2015 Canadian Furniture Show

We recently attended the Canadian Furniture show in Toronto where many manufacturers showcased the trends and continued successes in the home furnishings industry.
After many tours of our suppliers we hope the below will provide you with design inspiration and ideas if you are looking to update your homes.

1) Rustic has been popular for a while now but we noticed that some of the furniture is starting to show rustic with a modern twist.  For example the use of rustic arms with leather seating on chairs.  More easily done is the a rustic dining room table but matched with leather chairs.

2) Tufted! If we played the popular university game where we drank after every time a certain word was said than 'tufted' would have made for an interesting show.  But I must say the looks are great and you have a choice in many cases of where you want the tufted look.  On the seating, on the back, on the sides or a combination of those. It's available from ottomans to sectionals.

3)  Gray is still a main stay.  Beige/Taupe ruled for many years but gray is not letting up easy.  We still see a variety of room settings that use the gray but throw a splash of colour in the mix with the use of brighter accent chairs.  An easier feat with gray than beige.

4) Stripes roll reversal.  It use to be solid fabric on the sofa with a striped accent pillow to add some life.  We started seeing striped fabric on the sofa with solid accent pillows. It surely is a unique look and I must say I like it.  My concern would be for how long :)

5) Headboards galore!  Are you wanting to freshen up your bedroom without a huge budget.  Fabric and leather headboards and beds with tufted offerings and studded offerings are a plenty.  Custom fabric is available to coordinate to any existing decor in your bedroom.

6) Contrast Piping. We saw sofa and love options where the piping is contrasted to the main fabric of the furniture piece.  The piping is then used as the accent colour of choice with the chairs, pillows etc.
It was a refreshing look.

7) Bigger is better.  It requires some planning when it comes to your space but a four seat sofa offering is abundant.  We saw it many elegant design settings which tells me they are not gearing it to the everyday person but with custom fabric offerings it certainly can be for everyone.  The look is quite endearing except maybe from our delivery teams perspective.

8) Double Fabric.  Accent chairs with the use of one fabric on the back and a different fabric in the seating areas was common.  Sometimes it was contrasting, sometimes it was monotone with the use of a pattern and solid, sometimes wood was used to separate the two areas but it was unique and appealing.

9) Tablets are an integral part of living room design.  Wait...what? Yes they can be used to help you design your living room but as we saw from all motion furniture manufacturers we have made sure it's easy to read, charge and enjoy a refreshment while using your tablets on your furniture.  Very cool indeed!

Enjoy more photos from the show on our Pinterest Board.

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