Tuesday, 5 May 2015

I want the comfort of Carpet but the durability of a hard surface floor!

Our answer to this question use to be, 'Well you have to decide what's more important to you, the comfort of carpet or the peace of mind you get with a hard surface product.' Or we would throw out the option, 'You can always put down the hard surface floor and then cover the area where you want comfort with an area rug.' Well those two responses still hold a lot of truth a new product has entered the flooring world that might change some customers minds when it comes to wanting comfort and sustainability. I don't often get too excited about new products, typically manufacturers go on a strong marketing campaign and build products up as the latest and greatest, sometimes it hits i.e Luxury Vinyl Plank and sometimes it comes and goes and we forget it existed i.e Edge Tile. What makes it different for me this time is the product, carpet, has obviously been around for a long time and they have just added a technology to the backing that is all too important for many consumers. The line is called Tigress H20, it is a Shaw Industries product and I'm certain you can find it under other names in the market but that is our exclusive brand with our Carpet One affiliation. So how is Tigressá™ H2O carpet the perfect choice for any room in your home? Well it won't fulfill all design needs but the looks and colours are a plenty and if you want it to be any of the following things it's definitely worth exploring.

•Waterproof Kid ProofPet Proof
Liquids will not soak through to the cushion or floor beneath. The 100% thermoplastic commercial-grade backing provides a barrier that prevents liquids from soaking into the carpet padding and subfloor.  So now you can easily clean the entire spill and not worry about it reappearing from the pad or subfloor. 

Gold and Platinum Level Warranties
Both feature life-of-the-floor guarantee for installation and stain resistance.

To see a demonstration of this product in action watch Scott Hill from Main Floor Covering Carpet One in Royal Oak.

View how this carpet looks in various room scenes on our Pinterest page.

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