Monday, 15 September 2014

Window Treatments, can I have a view and sun protection all at the same time?

By Mindy Aveiro, Interior Design Consultant

When helping people with window treatments for their home, there is a common concern I often encounter; everyone wants to see out, but they don't want the harmful UV rays getting in, and they still want to enjoy their privacy. There is a solution! Opera roller shades provide two shades in one. During the day we have the sheerweave shade that provides protection from the sun while still allowing us to see out and at night we are able to roll down the second shade providing total privacy. As someone that values the look of a room, it's great to have a product that combines functionality with design. There are fabric choices that allow us to compliment any room décor and various mounting options to allow us to use this type of treatment on many types of windows.

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