Thursday, 11 September 2014

Laminate in the Bathroom?

Laminate has been a popular choice of flooring for many years now, one because of the price point for product and installation, two because of the low maintenance but now most of all because of the greatly improved looks and feels that manufacturers have been able to produce.  But the statement I often get is, " I can't put that in a bathroom because of the moisture can I?"   In fact, when installed properly this flooring can be used in your bathrooms but the following care must be taken:

1) Like all things, not all laminate is created equal be sure to research the locking system and choose a manufacturers with quality click system, this will make sure the joints do not pull apart allowing moisture underneath.

2) A Silicone sealant should be used along the perimeter of the room to prevent moisture from getting in the necessary expansion gap needed for the floor.

3) The toilet will need to be removed, the floor will be installed around the flange with a 3/8" expansion gap that should be filled with silicone as well and the toilet can be set back down over the laminate for a good, clean look. Care needs to be taken not to pin the toilet to the laminate when reinstalling.

Now, we still prefer to recommend a luxury vinyl tile, sheet vinyl or ceramic when we install a bathroom but if you fall in love with a laminate floor that work's with everything you are doing in your home, just know it can be done.

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