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Engineered Hardwood: Trends of Pale Colours

The Trendiness of Pale Colours

We’ve already talked about the trendiness of the Scandinavian aesthetic on this blog.
A big component of this style is light-colored floors. They offer a simple, yet sophisticated
canvas for a décor that’s airy, natural and warm. Whether your hard surface flooring is blonde,
whitewashed or light grey, it will help give a cool vibe to your home.
Get inspired by the following ideas to create a décor you will like.

First and foremost, wisely choose your wall color. Engineered hardwood floorings vary in tone,
depending on the wood species, stain and finish. Figuring out if your flooring is tinted with
warm or cool undertones is a great place to start. You will then be able to pick a paint color
that has the same undertone in order to avoid a faux pas. Usually, warm colors include
red, orange and yellow undertones while cool colors' are rather grey, blue or taupe.
Moreover, a light-colored flooring is easier to coordinate with darker walls.
You can either go for dimension and structure with dark walls or for calmness and
nature with pale walls. It’s really up to you! In the picture shown below,
the Barn Board style of Beaulieu’s engineered hardwood flooring was paired with a crisp
white wall to create a calm and luminous baby room.
Light-colored floors and neutral wall colors are a great starting point to add texture to your décor.
Cushions, throws and carpets will help warm up and personalize your space.
To stay consistent with the Nordic-inspired look, choose natural textiles such as wool, cotton,
 linen or leather. If you want to create a more modern style, opt for fabrics with a sheen,
geometric patterns and bold colors. The living room showcased here combines
Clean Approach blonde engineered hardwood flooring with white walls and is a
great example of how accessories can cozy up a place.

Choosing a light-colored engineered hardwood flooring and keeping your walls neutral will
help your rooms feel bigger and brighter. On the other hand, light-colored floors and walls,
bare windows, uncluttered space and functional furniture might make a home seem cold.
To counter this, use colorful accessories. Bright cushions, a patterned sofa or a vivid
painting are all interesting options. The color accents in this picture bring warmth to
Mountain Mist engineered hardwood flooring.

Another perk of light-coloured floors is that they leave all the space for your statement
furniture. According to Houzz: “When you have a piece of furniture you want to spotlight,
light floors and neutral walls are the perfect canvas. Go for shapes and colours
that don’t blend into the background.” This master bedroom is the perfect example
of this trend. The majestic upholstered headboard is framed by beige walls and 
River’s Edge engineered hardwood flooring from Beaulieu.

Finally, light-colored floorings also have the benefits of showing less dirt than dark-colored
 ones. All floor
s eventually dent and scratch, but we tend to see the scratches more on
dark-coloured ones. The primary reason for this is that most wood species are naturally
light-colored and if you scratch through the dark-colored stain, it shows the contrast
between the stain and the natural wood. In the end, light-coloured floorings are a great
option for active families and households with pets, in addition to being very trendy.

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September 1st 2016 - Posted from Beaulieu Canada

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