Wednesday, 17 June 2015

What colours to use in creating a mood in your dining room?

In a recent article posted on Bob Vila's website by MARIE PROELLER HUESTON she mentions that the dining room is making a comeback in our homes, although I don't know the basis for that I can certainly attest that it was once a play room for our kids and it now has come back to us.  The article goes on to speak about the colours to choose for your dining room based on your personality and thus the mood you want to create in your dining room.  Inspired by this I started looking at Canadel, a manufacturer of dining rooms, that's offers customization beyond belief.  Combining what we learned from the article with dining room settings we can create with Canadel we came up with this general guideline for mood creation:

For a dramatic statement creating an intimate setting.

For a clean, focused atmosphere.

Glamorous setting, but requires a light contrast somewhere in the room (chairs, walls, floor) so it's not overwhelming

Creates an energetic mood lending to vibrant conversation.


Creates a relaxed, calming environment.

Whether it's yellow or orange any bright colour creates a fun, open atmosphere. As mentioned in the article it is most useful in a room with limited natural light as colour intensifies when reflected. If there is good natural lighting mix in darker colours to absorb some of the light.

This puts a modern twist on traditional, gray doesn't really lend to a specific mood but is on trend and let's the room become whatever mood you bring into it, enjoy a coffee, create a formal sit down or just for the everyday limited family time we can get.

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Read the full article from Bob Vila.

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