Monday, 13 April 2015

What French Door fridge options are available for my space?

This guide will hopefully help you narrow down your options when it comes time to looking at the fridge options in today's market. 

Please note this guide is to help with the most popular style of fridge on the market which is the bottom mount fridge, meaning the freezer is on the bottom sometime referred to as a French Door fridge.  Let's clarify some lingo to help you through this process:

  • 2 Door Bottom Mounts: has one freezer drawer or swing door and one fridge door.
  • 3 Door Bottom Mounts: has one freezer drawer and two fridge doors.
  • 4 Door Bottom Mounts which has 1 freezer drawer, 1 optional drawer either fridge or freezer on some models and 2 fridge doors again in a French door design.
  • 4 Door Bottom Mount Luxury - which has four doors, 2 fridge, 1 freezer, 1 optional with a fridge or freezer setting, this is the newest style to hit the market.
  • Counter Depth: The fridge depth is decreased so the fridge doesn't protrude out from the depth of your counters, it provides more room in your kitchen area if needed especially popular with fridges in front of islands, they are typically less in cubic foot and higher in price but offer a good solution for space if required.
Below are the questions our sales associates would ask to help you narrow down your selection.
Once you go through this work flow at the bottom we have created what 2015 offerings are from some of the more popular manufacturers: GE, GE Profile, Frigidaire Gallery, Electrolux, Whirlpool, Maytag, LG and Samsung.

Question 1:  Are you looking for a 2 Door Bottom Mount - 3 Door Bottom Mount or 4 Door Fridge.

If answer to question 1 is 2 Door Bottom Mount:
Question 2: What is the width of your opening. This style you need a 30" or 33" opening.
Question 3: Do you want a swing door or pull out door freezer?
Swing doors will be cheaper.
Key Note: If you want to fill a 36" space this style doesn't offer any model 36" wide.
See below file for 2 Door Bottom Mounts with those answers in mind.
If answer to question 1 is 3 Door Bottom Mount: This is most popular choice see file below for model options.
Question 2: What is the width of your opening? You have 3 choices 30", 33" or 36"
Question 3: Do you want a counter depth fridge?
Question 4: Do you want external ice and water dispenser?
Key Note: Most selection will be in a 36" width, there is some selection at 33" and less at 30"
For counter depth almost all offerings are in 36" width.
See below files for Counter Depth - 3 Door with Dipesner - 3 Door with No Dispenser.
If answer to question 1 is 4 Door Bottom Mount:
Question 2: Would you like to look at a luxury design or basic 4 door fridge?
Based on above answer look at files below for: 4 Door - Luxury  or  4 Door - Basic.
Key Note: You need a 36" wide opening for this fridge but if it's 33" you have one choice.
Also in the luxury section you will see reference to a new 5 door fridge available from Whirlpool.
First of it's kind to hit the market, May 2015.

We always like to start with fridge selection if you require multiple kitchen appliances, this will help you narrow down ranges/dishwashers especially if you prefer to keep your appliances all the same brand.
We hope this has been helpful in narrowing down which products to further research in your journey to find the right fridge for you.







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