Friday, 9 January 2015

Wall Tile Trends

There is a growing trend, with the advancement in tile design today, that has people putting wall tile in many areas of their home, the traditional tile in the bathroom certainly, but also the newest trend of creating statement walls within their homes.  Of course, you have to look at this as a long term endeavour as ceramic will not be as easily changed out as slapping on a new coat of paint, or tearing down old wall paper for new.  With that said if it's shine, shimmer or a fresh look that you want this might be something for you to look into to.

Some popular choices we see in wall tile today:

Big and White - some of this is plain white tile,  mostly in gloss, and some will mimic a marble or travertine in white typically gloss as well, but it creates a clean, simple look that really stands out.

Subway Tile - while this type of tile has been around a long time the look has added a few new offerings, bright colours are ever present in a gloss or matte finish and they offer the style with a bevelled design which is quite stunning.

12 x 24 Tile - this tile design is the popular choice in flooring these days but it has made it's way to the walls as well.  Stacked, in either horizontal or vertical, is the popular choice it's a great look but also easier for the installers to keep level as doing a brick pattern is quite challenging with the 24" length.

Wood Tile - we have seen this done with real hardwood lately as well, which is stunning in it's own right, however in areas of the home where moisture (i.e. bathroom) or heat (i.e. fireplace) comes into play the hardwood look ceramic fills in nicely.

Texture, Texture and more Texture: this has been the biggest development with wave designs, striations and simple grooves designed into the tile, white again is popular creating a more subtle look as to not overwhelm but the look is fantastic, though I could be bias we just put a wave texture design into our bathroom, I love it!

Mosaic Accents:  while certainly some are doing entire walls in a mosaic, with glass being the most popular, we are seeing more designs built in where a strip of mosaics will be built in with a larger tile creating a focal point within a focal point so to speak.  Glass mosaics, metal penny rounds and Morracan symbols are gaining traction.

Ledgestone: this has been popular for a while now, you have probably seen it in many restaurants or retail outlets but the number of looks has certainly increased and it is stunning especially when paired with a fireplace.

Visit our Pinterest board to gain more ideas and insight into the world of wall tile.

Note from our installers: ceramic tile glue is typically better to work with than standard tile mortar for wall installations. It's easier to get the tile to stick immediately and
it will prevent less movement and therefore less chance of cracking in the future.

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