Wednesday, 22 October 2014

The Use of Mirrors in Home Decor

The use of mirrors in home décor is as popular as ever, the designs have evolved into eye catching wall art and the characteristic of the mirror itself lends many advantages for your room.
First off it can make any room appear more spacious and brighter using the natural light that comes into your room.  Secondly, as any decorator can tell you, it is easy to work with mirrors in that they blend with any interior, whether your goal is contemporary or traditional, a mirror will only complement your style.  Often times it can be a struggle to find that perfect wall art piece, the colour maybe just off, the size isn't quite right so in many cases a mirror will just work better and with the many choices in beautiful frames and decorative details you won't be disappointed.  However, one decorating favourite, if you have found the perfect wall art piece, is to complement it by putting a mirror on the opposite wall where possible. The reflective properties of the mirror increases the importance of the print by showcasing in from many viewing angles. 

Further to mirror wall art many furniture manufacturers have rediscovered the benefits of mirror and are producing many furniture pieces with mirror.  They offer similar decorating value, however I must advise if you still have small children at home, like us, the fingerprint cleaning can outweigh the great look of the furniture :)

Have a look at some trendy designs in mirror wall art through the link below and discover if decorating with mirror may be that missing piece you have been looking for.

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