Thursday, 2 October 2014

Is a Gas Range right for me?

If you live in Southwestern Ontario this is a question you probably face when looking at a range purchase. But is gas the right choice for your cooking needs? Let's look at gas versus the other types of cooking, electric and induction.

Gas Positives vs. Electric:
  1. Gas is almost always a cheaper energy source to operate.
  2. People who love to cook love the versatility of a heat flame which allows for quicker boiling but   provides a simmer temperature for sauces.
  3. The heat from a gas flame heats the sides, as well as the bottom, of pans, cooking food faster.
Gas Negatives vs. Electric:
  1. Oven Baking: temperatures are hotter at the top so baking requires rotation and placement farther from heat source. Gas also gives off moisture when cooking, creating a humid heat rather than the dry heat required for effective roasting.
  2. There are some obvious dangers to having gas in your home so care should always be taken especially with children.
  3. Gas ranges are typically a higher cost than an equivalent electric range.
  4. There are added costs for gas technician hook up services and further if a gas line has to be run to the area.
There are some other options if you want to combine the best of both worlds, the first being a dual fuel range where the cooktop is gas but the oven is still electric, these often carry a higher price tag but can be a great solution.  Also there is the not so new technology of induction, the prices of these ranges continue to fall as they become more popular and more manufacturers start to offer it.
An induction range offers the versatility of the heat flame with a much safer cooking experience and the oven is still electric so you get the better baking experience. 

In the end gas, electric, induction will all get the job done you just need to determine what features are most important in your home.

How Induction works?

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